Server time: GMT -3
Server platform: Interlude
Armor: Titanium
Weapon Grade-S/EPIC
Jewels Boss retail
Tattoo and Accessories
Sub-Class free
Noblesse party last hit barakiel
Donates - With automatic delivery system
Geodata and Pathnodes 100%
Off-line Shop mode
Auto Learn Skills
Auto loot - Automatic pick up (except raid's drops)
Wedding System
Only 1 Clan per Ally
Farm system: custom drop areas.
Chaotic Zones.
Events Automatics


Experience (EXP) x200
Skill Points (SP) x200
Adena x200
Party: x2
Drop: x10
PvP Server Interlude


Safe +4
Max Enchant Weapon: +16
Max Enchant Armor|Jewels: +16
Enchant Rate: +4-8 40% +8-10 30% +10-16 20%
Blessed Rate: +4-8 50% +8-10 45% +10-16 35%
Gold Rate: +4-8 100% +8-10 100% +10-16 20%


Buff Slot 28 + 4 (Divine Inspiration free)
All buffs in NPC
Buff time 4 hours


All boss Chaotic Zone
Self Buffs in Chaotic Zone
NO-BS in Area-PvP
No Party Zone Special Drops

Grand Olympiad

Scheduel 18:00 ~ 00:00 GMT-3
New periods on each 7 days.


All Injection Protections
DDoS protection
Ant Bot protection